Session Details

What to Wear?


  1. Choose mom’s outfit first, then plan the rest around it.

  2. Wear something you feel beautiful in. The eyes are drawn to what isn’t covered so if its not something you love then please don’t expose it. Give yourself enough time, extra time especially when ordering online.

  3. Maybe have a backup in case you don’t like that outfit that day.

  4. Make sure it fits well no matter how you move…including sitting down (i.e. NO bra straps or spanx showing, no way for your child, if that young, to pull and expose you, etc.); this applies to tan lines too – figure out where your tan lines are and where your outfit will show those and make sure they aren’t distracting. For instance if you have a high bathing suit top thereby leaving a lot of white on your chest and you wear a shirt that is lower cut you will not like the white showing above. While we are on that, be careful about strapless dresses; bare shoulders tend to make you look larger.

  5. Don’t forget about your hair, especially if you aren’t used to our humidity! The beach, if that is where we are photographing, is usually windy so have a backup plan if it is super windy and try to stay out of the weather until right before our session.